+2 physics one mark questions - Current Electricity - Set1

                              Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions
                          Current electricity - Set 1  

1.    If the length of a copper wire is doubled then its specific resistance
(a) Will be doubled                                    (b)  will become halved

(c) will become 4 times                             (d)     will remain same
   2. If the resistance of a coil is 2Ω 0° and α=0.004/°c, then its resistance at 100°c is
             (a) 1.4Ω     (b) 0Ω         (c) 4Ω               (d)2.8Ω   
   3. The resistivity of semiconductors is in the range of -------------- Ωm
              (a)10-2 to 10-4     (b)10-2 to 102 (c)10-8 to 103 (d)104 to 108
   4. 10% tolerance is indicated by--------- ring
              (a) orange                   (b) green      (c) blue        (d) silver
   5. Expression for mobility is µ=---------
            (a) Ee/m     (b) Eτ/m                (c) eτ/m       (d) em/τ
   6. One kilowatt hour is equal to --------- joules
            (a)3.6×105            (b)0.36×105             (c) 36×105               (d)36×103
 7. While on charging and discharging the value of specific gravity of the electrolyte of secondary cells should be
(a) 1.12 & 1.28       (b) 1.9 & 1.28         (c) 1.28 & 1.12        (d) 2 & 2.2

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