Interview Questions - PeopleSoft

Some of the questions that can be asked during a PeopleSoft Interview.

1) What is the difference between Access ID, Connect ID and Operator ID in PeopleSoft?

2) What is the advantage of writing the peoplecode at component record level?

3) When should a sub-page be used? How is it different from a page?

4) What is 'Change Control Locking'? How is it accomplished in PeopleSoft?

5) How can you set dependency between the process that are running in the process scheduler?

6) What is the difference between SQLEXEC and CreateSQL?

7) What is the advantage of writing peoplecode inside an application class?

8) What is a Rowset Cache object?

9) What are the different ways to send email from PeopleSoft?

10) What are the objects that 'people' user will access? How does an authentication take place in PeopleSoft GUI?

11) When would you use a Rowset cache object?

12) What is the difference between FieldChange and FieldEdit event?

13) When would you go for writing PeopleCode at the Component Record Field level?

14) Can you catch the exception that occur during executing SQLExec?

15) How will you set up single sign-on in PeopleSoft?

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