Tamil Nadu +2 Physics - Electrostatics - Set 4

One mark question sample on Electrostatics, set 4 is provided below.

46) Lines of force never ---------.

a) Intersect
b) Attract

47) The tangent to a line of force at any point gives the direction of the ------ at that point.

a) Magnetic Field
b) Electric Field
c) Flux density
d) Line of force

48) Number of lines of force originating from a point charge q is ------ in free space.

49) Two -------- and ----------- charges separated by a very small distance constitute an electric dipole.

a) equal, opposite
b) equal, same
c) unequal, oppposite
d) unequal, same

50) All the following are examples of permanent electric dipoles, except

a) Water
b) Ammonia
c) Carbon-di-oxide
d) Wood

51) The unit of dipole moment is -------

52) The change of potential with distance is known as --------------

53) ---------- can also be expressed as Vm-1

54) If all the points of a surface are at the same electric potential, then the surface is called an ------------

55) The ------------- is defined as the total number of electric lines of force, crossing through the given area.

56) Electric Flux is a ---------- quantity.[ scalar / vector ]

57) Unit of Electric Flux is --------------.

a) Nm^2C-1
b) NM^2C-2
c) NM^2C^2
d) Nmc

58) The total flux of the electric field E over any closed surface is equal to ----- times the net charge enclosed by the surface.

59) If $ is the charge per unit area in the plane sheet, then the net positive charge q within the Gaussian surface is

a) q=$A
b) q=$/A
c) qA=$
d) q=4$A

60)------------ is the process of isolating a certain region of space from external field.

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