+2 physics one mark questions - Current Electricity - Set 2

                  Tamil Nadu +2 physics important one mark question
                                      Current electricity - Set 2
8. A charge of 60C passes through an electric lamp in minute. Then the current in the lamp is
(a) 30A                  (b) 1A                    (c) 0.5A                 (d) 5A
9. The color code of resistor with 33kΩ
(a) Yellow, Orange, Red                       (b) Brown, Yellow, Orange
(c) Red, Blue, Orange                          (d) Orange, Orange, Orange
10. The unit of mobility is
(a) ms-1                  (b) m2s-1                 (c) m2v-1s-1             (d) m-1s
11. Thermistor is a material with--------temperature coefficient of resistance
(a)Low positive      (b) high positive     (c) negative           (d) infinity
12. When a conductor from normal state to super conducting state is
(a) Conductance becomes zero                     (b) resistivity is zero
(c) Resistance becomes maximum                 (d) conductivity is zero
13. A uniform manganin wire is used in metre bridge because of its
(a) Low resistivity                                        (b) high temperature coefficient
 (c)High resistivity                                        (d) low temperature coefficient
14. Mass deposited at an electrode is proportional
(a) Directly to current passed                        (b) inversely to time of passage
(c) Directly to charge passed                         (d) both a & c

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