+2 physics one mark questions - Current Electricity - Set 3

                Tamil Nadu +2 physics important one mark questions
                                   Current electricity - Set 3
15. The unit of conductivity is
(a) ohm-m             (b) ohm                 (c) mho                 (d) mho-m-1
16. Drift velocity in metals is the order of
(a) 0.1ms-1             (b) 1cms-1              (c) 0.1cms-1            (d) 1ms-1
17. The emf of leclanche cell is
(a) 1.08 V              (b)  1.5 V                (c)  2 V                  (d)  1.8 V
18. The internal resistance of a secondary cell is
(a) Low                 (b) high                  (c) very low           (d) very high
19. For metals , when the temperature increases their resistance
(a) Decreases                                               (b) increases                  
(c) Remains constant                                    (d)increases & then decreases
20. The resistance of mercury is zero at the temperature
(a)3.2 K                 (b)4.2 K                 (c) 4.2 °c               (d) 0  K
21. The unit of magnetic induction is
(a) Tesla                (b)Wb/m2               (c) Wbm2               (d) Both a and b

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