+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Seventh Set - Part 3

                      Tamil Nadu +2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions [ 15 - 21]
15. For the titration between oxalic acid and NaOH, the indicator used is
(a) KMnO4           (b) Phenolphthalein         (c) Litmus           (d) Methyl orange
16. The lightest gas which is non-inflammable is
(a) He                    (b) H2                              (c) N2                     (d) Ar
 17. The color of [Ti(H2O)6]3+ ion is due to
(a) d-d transition                                          (b) Presence of H2O                  
(c) Inter atomic transfer of electrons             (d) none
18. Lanthanides are separated by
(a) Fractional distillation                              (b) Steam distillation      
(c) Sublimation                                            (d) Fractional crystallization
19. The major constituent of Mish metals are
(a) Ce-45%, Fe-20% and impurities                (b) Ce- 45-50%, La- 25% and Nd-5%
(c) Ce-60% and La 40%                                  (d) La-40%, Nd-10% and Ce-50%
20. Hydrolysis of an ester by dilute Hcl is an example for
(a) Second order   (b) Zero order   (c) pseudo first order   (d) first order
21. Which of the following compounds is not colored?
(a) Na2[CuCl4]         (b) Na2[CdCl4]         (c) K4[Fe(CN)6]           (d) K3[Fe(CN)6]

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