+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Seventh Set - Part 4

              Tamil Nadu +2 chemistry - Important one mark questions [ 22- 28]
22. Primary aliphatic amines can be distinguished from secondary and tertiary amine by heating with
(a) CHCl3+KOH                 (b) CHCl3                (c) NaNO2               (d) Zn/HCl
23. The directing nature of –COOH group is
(a) Ortho                (b) Meta                (c) Para                 (d) both (a) and (c)
24. The catalyst used in Benzoin condensation is
(a) NaOH                         (b) HCl                   (c) CN-                   (d) NO3
25. Dual character of an electron was explained by
(a) Bohr                    (b) Heisenberg                 (c) de-Broglie         (d) Pauli
26. When  XA>>XB A-B bond is
(a) Polar covalent         (b) Non- polar covalent           (c) Ionic       (d) Metallic
27. The bond order of NO molecule is
(a) 2.5                                      (b) 3                      (c) 2                      (d) 0
28. Free energy G may be defined as
(a) G=E-TS                    (b) G=E+TS             (c) G=H-TS             (d) G=E+H-TS

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