+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Seventh Set - Part 2

Questions from 8-14 are provided below. [ seventh set ]

8. Ether is formed when alkyl halide is treated with sodium alkoxide. This method is known as
(a) Hoffmann reaction                              (b) Williamson's synthesis         
(c) Wurtz synthesis                                  (d) Kolbe's reaction 
9. According to lewis concept of acids and bases, ethers are
(a) Neutral                   (b) Acidic               (c) Basic                (d) Amphoteric
10. Ether is used as a solvent for
(a) Baeyer's reagent                                 (b) Grignard's reagent              
(c) Fenton's reagent                                 (d) none
11. Hydrogenation of benzoyl chloride in the presence of Pd and BaSO4 gives
(a) C6H5OH             (b) C6H5COOH         (c) C6H5CH2OH        (d) C6H5CHO
12. Which of the following compounds is oxidized to give ethyl methyl ketone?
(a) 2-propanol        (b) 2-pentanone        (c) 1-butanol                 (d) 2- butanol
13. The compound used in the preparation of the tranquilizer, sulphonal is
(a) CH3COCH3         (b) CH3COC6H5              (c) (CH3)2CHOH       (d) (CH2OH)2
14. The metals near the bottom of the electrochemical series are
(a) Strong reducing agent                              (b) Electrochemical series
(c) Electron affinity                                       (d) Equivalent conductance

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