HSC +2 Physics - Model 5 Mark Questions - Part1

1) Explain the bridge rectifier with circuit and waveforms

2) Explain voltage divider bias

3) State any five advantages of IC

4) Explain the action of an OP-AMP as summing amplifier

5) Explain with necessary circuit, how Zener diode can be used as a voltage regulator.

6) Deduce an expression for the force on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field.

7) Derive an expression for the force between two long parallel current carrying conductors.

8) Explain how will you convert a galvanometer into voltmeter?

9) Explain Thomson effect

10) A rectangular coil of 500 turns and of area $ 6\times10^{-4} \;m^{2} $ is suspended inside a radial magnetic field of induction $ 10^{-4} \;T $ by a suspension wire of torsional constant $ 5\times10^{-10} \;Nm $ per degree. Calculate the current required to produce a deflection of $ 10^{\circ} $.

11) Define current density. Establish the relation between current density and drift velocity.

12) List out any five applications of superconductors.

13) Calculate the effective resistance when three resistors are connected (1) in series and (2) in parallel.

14) Explain the action of lead-acid accumulator.

15) Obtain the condition for zero deflection in the galvanometer of Wheatstone’s bridge.

16) Explain the method to compare EMF of two cells using potentiometer.

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