HSC +2 Physics - Important 5 Mark Questions - Part2

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17) State Faraday’s laws of electrolysis. Explain the experimental verification of the laws.

18) A circular coil of 50 turns and radius of 25 cm carries a current of 6A. It is suspended in a uniform magnetic field of induction $ 10^{-3} \;T $. The normal to the plane of the coil makes an angle $ 60^{\circ} $ with the field. Calculate the Torque of the coil.

19) Explain the various energy losses in the transformer.

20) Explain Thermopile.

21) Obtain the phase relation between the current and the voltage in an A.C. circuit with an inductor only with graph.

22) Convert the galvanometer into voltmeter and get the expression of effective resistance of the voltmeter.

23) Find the torque on the electric dipole in a uniform electric field

24) Write down the properties of lines of force

25) Find the effective resistance of “3” resistances connected in parallel.

26) Explain how the internal resistance of a cell is calculated

27) Find an expression for the induced emf when a conductor is involved in a magnetic field and increasing its area.

28) Obtain an expression for the energy associated with an indicator.

29) Give the construction and working of a Nicol prism.

30) Calculate the total path difference between the rays when an air film of given thickness is viewed by reflected light.

31) Obtain an expression for the current flowing in a circuit containing capacitance only to which an alternating emf is applied. Find the phase relationship between the current and the voltage.

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