HSC +2 Physics - Important 3 Mark Questions - Part2

For the part1 questions , refer to the previous page.

26) Mention three applications of secondary cells.

27) Define electrical resistivity. Give its unit.

28) Compare the emf and potential difference.

29) What are the changes observed at the transition temperature?

30) Define electric current. Is it a scalar or vector? Mention the direction of conventional current.

31) State Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

32) Define quantity factor.

33) Define ampere

34) What is Hysteresis loss?

35) Define RMS value of current.

36) What is the permittivity and relative permittivity? How are they related?

37) Write a note on microwave oven

38) Two charges $ 10\times 10^{-9} \;C $ and $ 20\times 10^{-9} \;C $ are placed at a distance of 0.3m apart. Find the intensity at a point midway between them.

39) Distinguish between Electric potential and Electrical potential difference.

40) State Gauss law. Mention few applications.

41) What are Foucault currents?

42) Define Power factor and Quality factor.

43) Define Thomson coefficient. Why is Lead used as a soldering material?

44) What is the principle of potentiometer?

45) Distinguish between Flourescence and Phosphorescence.

46) Write the equation of a 25 cycle current sine wave having RMS value of 30A.

47) What is an electromagnetic induction?

48) Mention the requirements to be adopted to obtain good and bright interference bands.

49) What is meant by Double refraction?

50) Explain optical rotation. On what factors does it depend?

51) What are uni-axial crystals and bi-axial crystals. Give two examples for each.

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