HSC +2 Physics - Model 3 Mark Questions - Part1

1) Define valency band and conduction band.

2) How is depletion region formed?

3) What is known as transistor biasing?

4) Draw the frequency response curve of single stage amplifier. Define bandwidth.

5) What is an oscillator? Mention its classification.

6) Prove the special theorem $ (A+B)(\overline{A}+C)=AC+\overline{A}B $

7) What is an EXOR gate? Give the Boolean expression for the EXOR operation.

8) State any three uses of CRO.

9) What are the most important characteristics of OP-AMP.

10) Define operating point.

11) Define Peltier coefficient and give its unit

12) State Biot-savart law

13) State Ampere’s circuital law

14) State the special features of the magnetic lorentz force

15) State Fleming’s left hand rule

16) What is the principle of moving coil Galvanometer?

17) Increasing the current sensitivity does not necessarily increase the voltage sensitivity. Why?

18) Ammeter should be connected in series and voltmeter should be connected in parallel, in a circuit. Why?

19) Distinguish Peltier and Joule effect.

20) What is a fuse wire? For what purpose it is used?

21) Define drift velocity.

22) State Ohm’s law. Draw the V-T graph of Ohmic conductor.

23) What is called superconductivity?

24) Define temperature coefficient of resistance. How does the resistance of metals and insulators vary with temperature?

25) State Kirchoff’s current law and voltage law.

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