PeopleSoft - Test Automation Using JMeter - Part 3

Part 1 and 2 of this post are available here and here.

As PeopleSoft uses cookies, it is required to add a “Cookie config Manager” under the thread group. To do so, right click the thread group and follow the instructions as shown in the figure below: (Accept the default values for the configuration for now)

Steps to Add HTTP Cookie Manager
Right click on the thread group again and this time add an “Aggregate Graph” from the listener menu under “Add”. This will be used for reporting purposes.At the end of this step under thread group, following elements should be available viz; HTTP Request Defaults, HTTP Cookie Manager and Aggregate Graph. These are the minimum ones that needs to be avaialble under the thread group to perform a test in JMeter.

Before the recording can be started, it is required to add a HTTP Proxy Server under “Worbench”. To do so,  right click on the workbench and navigate to the section as shown in the figure below

Steps to Add HTTP Proxy Server
Following properties needs to be set in the HTTP Proxy Server:

1) Port -> For this example, it is set to 8080. When this example is tried out, switch over to a port that is available in the test PC.

This port will be used for the script recording purposes. All the traffic will the routed through this proxy and the proxy will record any request that passes through this port.

2) Set the “Target Controller” to point to the “Thread Group” that  was created in the steps earlier.

Make sure that the web browser is pointed to this proxy before any attempt is done towards recording.

In the upcoming part, let us take up how to perform the recording, followed by parametrization.

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