PeopleSoft Test Automation Using JMeter - Part 2

We are trying to execute a simple automation test case in PeopleSoft by using JMeter. In doing this, we are at step 1 where we are trying to add a thread group. Refer to Part 1 if you are jumping on this post, straight from the internet.

To add a Thread Group, refer to the screenshot below

Creating a Thread Group in JMeter     

Click on “Thread Group” as shown above. Leave the “Thread  Group” properties to the default ones as shown below: (Note: The thread group is named as “PeopleSoft Load Testing”)

Thread Group Properties
 It is required to add a “HTTP Request Default” object under the “Thread Group”. To do so, right click on the Thread Group name and follow the instructions as shown below

Adding HTTP Request Defaut Object
 The “HTTP Request Default” allows to specify the following parameters for Load Testing:

1) Webserver details. (IP Address or Host Name)
2) Port Details
3) PeopleSoft Environment URL to be used

Specify the values in  the target PeopleSoft environment as per the screenshot below

Specifying PeopleSoft Environment Details

Part 3 of this post discusses on how to add Cookie section and initiate the recording process.

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  1. Hi,
    This Mehreen Badar here. I am peopelsoft consultant and quality assurance engineer.
    I found your blog on load testing peoplesoft using JMETER very useful. I am facing a little problem that I followed the steps as it is as explained in your blog but I am still unable to replay the script successfully i.e. a person should be added in database.

    Could you please further guide on it?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mehreen Badar