PeopleSoft Test Automation Using JMeter - Part 1

This series of blog posts describe how to automate a simple test scenario in PeopleSoft using Apache JMeter. The tutorial assumes that the following are already in place before attempting any further:

1) A simple test page in a PeopleSoft environment for our load testing. A screenshot of the page that will be used is provided below:.
PeopleSoft Test Page To Perform Automated Testing
2) JMeter - Download it from Apache website. The version that we will be using for this demonstration is 2.4 r961953.

3) I have also added some code behind the submit button to insert one row per invocation into a table. This will help us to understand how many times the page is action is getting invoked.

4) Access to the PSADMIN console - This is not mandatory but will help to monitor the queue in the application server to verify that our script is working.

This tutorial is broken into the following sections:

a) Setting up JMeter to Record PeopleSoft script.
b) Recording PeopleSoft Script
b) Parametrization of recorded script.
c) Testing of recorded script.

Setting up JMeter to Record PeopleSoft Script

When JMeter is opened, the user will be presented with the following screen
Initial JMeter Launch Screen
In this UI, JMeter needs to be configured to enable recording. 

To do this, the first step would be to Add a thread group.

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