Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions - Set 16

                        +2 physics - Important one mark questions
                                                      Set -16
8. Phosphor bronze wire is used for suspension in a moving coil galvanometer, because it has
(a) High conductivity                                    (b) High resistivity          
(c) Large couple per twist                             (d) Small couple per unit twist
9. For transmission of audio and video signals, the required frequency range of radio wave is between
(a) 100 MHz to 1000MHz                                   (b) 50 Hz to 100 KHz               
(c) 100 KHz to 100 MHz                                    (d) 220 Hz to 230 Hz
10. In an ac circuit
(a) The average value of current is zero        
(b) The average value of square of current is zero
(c)  The average power dissipation is zero    
(d) The rms current is 2 time of peak current
11. The mutual inductance between two coils when a current of 4A changing to 8A in 0.5s in one coil, induces an E.M.F of 50mv in the other coil is
(a) 6.25 H               (b) 6.25mH             (c) 1.232mH                     (d) 625 H
12. Newton's ring experiment confirm ----------- theory of light
(a) Corpuscular        (b) electro magnetic     (c) quantum           (d) wave
13. Atomic spectrum should be
(a) Pure line spectrum                                    (b) emission band spectrum      
(c) Absorption line spectrum                            (d) absorption band spectrum
14. A light of wavelength 6000A° is incident normally on a grating 0.005 m wide with 2500 lines. Then the maximum order is
(a) 3                      (b) 2                                (c) 1                                (d) 4

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