Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions - Set 17

              +2 physics - Important one mark questions
                                         Set -17
15. The short wavelength limit of Lyman series is
(a) R                    (b) 1/R                            (c) 3/4 R                (d) 4/3 R
16. In Millikan experiment, plates are connected to potential difference of
(a) 1000 v               (b) 10000 v                      (c) 50000 v             (d) 60000 v
17. Sommerfeld showed that the path of the electron is not a simple ellipse but a precessing   ellipse called
(a) Loop            (b) Parabola                       (c) rosette             (d) toroid
18. In holography ----------- of the light waves are recorded on the film
(a) Only frequency                                    (b) only amplitude          
(c) Only phase                                           (d) both (b) and (c)
19. According to Bohr's postulate, which of the following quantities takes discrete values?
(a) Kinetic energy                                (b) Potential energy              
(c) angular momentum                           (d) momentum
20. A photon is
(a) Particle                                                   (b) Wave               
(c) Neither a particle nor a wave                   (d) Molecule
21. The immediate application of de-Broglie's matter wave is the invention of
(a) An optical microscope               (b) An electron microscope                
(c) Travelling microscope                (d) X-ray microscope

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