Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions - Set 18

                    +2 physics - Important one mark questions
                                           Set -18
22. Isotones are atoms of different elements having same number of
(a) Electrons          (b) Protons             (c) Positrons                    (d) Neutrons
23. To locate brain tumor ---------- isotope is used
(a) CO60           (b) Na24                    (c) Fe59                  (d) I131                   
24. The safe limit of receiving nuclear radiation is about ----------- per week
(a) 100R                      (b) 250mR                  (c) 600R                 (d) 250R
25. The half life period of N13 is 10.1 minute. Its life time is
(a) 5.05 minutes                                             (b) 10.1/0.6931           
(c) 20.2 minutes                                              (d) infinity
26. An example for non-sinusoidal oscillator is
(a) Collpits         (b) Crystal           (c) Hartley                       (d) multi vibrator
27. For scanning a picture, the synchronizing pulses used are
(a) Line                 (b) Frame              (c) blanking            (d) all the above
28. since the input impedance of an ideal operational amplifier is infinite,
(a) Its input current is zero                 
(b) Its output resistance is high           
(c) It becomes a current controlled device              
(d) Its output voltage becomes independent of load resistance
29. Sky wave propagation is also known as ------------ propagation
(a) Troposphere         (b) Stratosphere     (c) Ionosphere       (d) Photosphere
30. Printed documents to be transmitted by fax are converted into electrical signals by the process of
(a) Reflection     (b) Scanning        (c) Modulation            (d) Light variation

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