Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions - Set 15

                  Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions
                                                 Set - 15  
1. Which one of the following is a scalar quantity?
(a) Dipole moment                                         (b) Electric flux                
(c) Current density                                        (d) electric field intensity
2. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor increases from 5µF to 60µF when a dielectric is placed between the plates. The dielectric constant of the dielectric is
(a) 65                  (b) 55                              (c) 12                              (d) 10
3. If two identical point charges separated by 3m experiences a force of 10N. Then the value of each charge is
(a) 10-4c                      (b) 104c                      (c) 1c                     (d) 108c
4. If the dipole is placed in a non-uniform electric field, it experiences
(a) Torque only                                                       (b) Only force        
(c) Neither a force nor a torque                              (d) both torque and force
5. If there is no colored ring at the end of a carbon resistor, then the tolerance is
(a) 1%                        (b) 2%                              (c) 5%                    (d) 20%
6. When two 2Ω resistances are in parallel, the effective resistance
(a) 2Ω                       (b) 4Ω                             (c) 1Ω                    (d) 0.5Ω
7. Kirchoff's first law is a consequence of conservation of
(a) Energy           (b) Charges                 (c) Mass                 (d) momentum

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