Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions - Set 14

            Tamil Nadu +2 Physics - Important one mark questions
                                        Set - 14- Questions 22-28
22. The mass defect of a certain nucleus is found to be 0.05 amu. Its binding energy is
(a) 46.55ev           (b) 46.55Mev          (c) 4.655ev                 (d) 4.655Mev
23. Nuclear force arise due to a particle called
(a) Electron             (b) Proton            (c) Neutron                 (d) Meson
24. The half life of neutron is
(a) 13 s             (b) 13 hour              (c) 780 s              (d) 780 minutes
25. The cosmic ray intensity is maximum at an altitude
(a) 10 km               (b) 20 km                     (c) 40 km               (d) 60 km
26. Forbidden energy gap for Germanium is
(a) 0.7ev              (b) 1.1ev                         (c) 2ev                   (d) 10ev
27. In a transistor, the phase reversal between input and output voltage is
(a) 0                       (b) 90°                            (c) 180°                 (d) 120°
28. In a common base circuit, if IC=0.95mA and IB=0.05mA then the value of α is
(a) 95                     (b) 9.5                             (c) 0.95                  (d) 0.095
29. The principle involved in sky wave propagation is
(a) Reflection         (b) refraction       (c) polarization         (d) interference
30. The distance travelled by radar transmission pulse in a µs
(a) 300 m    (b) 3000 m           (c) 600 m                         (d) 300 km

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