+2 physics -Important one mark questions - Current Electricity - Set 5

           Tamil Nadu +2 physics- Important one mark questions
                       Current electricity- Set5
8. A current 1.5 A produces deflection of 60° in a T.G. Then the current producing the deflection of 30° is
(a) 500 mA             (b) 1 A                   (c) 800 mA             (d) 2A
9. In a given thermo couple, neutral temperature is 260°C, temperature of inversion is 480°C.Then the temperature of cold junction is
(a) 10°C                 (b)20°C                  (c) 30°C                 (d) 40°C
10. The value of gyromagnetic ratio is
(a)9.27×10-24 Am2   (b)9.27×1024  Am2    (c)8.8×1010 Ckg-1     (d)8.8×10-10 Ckg-1             
11. If the number of turns of a galvanometer increases, then voltage sensitivity
(a) Increases        (b) decreases      (c) remains constant        (d) becomes zero
12. Resistance of a metal wire of length 10 cm is 2Ω. If the wire is stretched uniformly to 50 cm the resistance is
(a) 25Ω                       (b) 10Ω                  (c) 5Ω                              (d) 50Ω
13. The color code on a carbon resistor is red-red-black. The resistance of resistor is
(a)2.2Ω                           (b) 22Ω                  (c) 220Ω                     (d) 2.2 KΩ
14.  Principle used in thermopile is
(a) Thomson effect      (b) peltier effect  (c)seebeck effect   (d) Joule's effect

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