+2 physics -Important one mark questions - Current Electricity - Set 6

         Tamil Nadu +2 physics- Important one mark questions
                            Current electricity - Set6
15. An ideal voltmeter has
(a) Zero resistance                    (b) Finite resistance between zero and G      
(c) Resistance greater than G but less than infinity           (d) Infinite resistance
16.  Fuse wire is an alloy of
(a) Lead and copper   (b) copper and tin     (c) Lead and tin    (d) lead and iron
17.  If resistance of Ni at 0°C is 10Ω and α= 0.004/°C, then resistance at boiling point of water is
(a) 14Ω                  (b) 10Ω                            (c) 2Ω                    (d) 7Ω
18. Nichrome is heating element because it has
(a) Low specific resistance                  (b) Low melting point               
(c) High melting point                (d) High conductivity
19. Unit of mobility is
(a) m2V-1s-1             (b) m2V-2s-1             (c)m-1V-1s-2             (d)m2V-1s-2
20. The emf is ----------- of external resistance of the circuit
(a) Independent     (b)proportional      (c) dependent   (d) none of these above
21. In which of the following pairs of meals of a thermo couple the E.M.F is maximum?
(a) Fe-Cu               (b) Cu-Zn               (c) Pt-Ag                (d) Sb-Bi

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