+2 physics -Important one mark questions - Current Electricity - Set 4

      Tamil Nadu +2 physics- Important one mark questions
                               Current electricity - Set4  
1. Current in a conductor is due to the flow of electrons with
(a)   Thermal velocity    (b) Drift velocity
(c )  Random velocity     (d) any of these
2. The unit of current density is
(a) Am-1   (b)  Am-2                (c)Am                    (d)Vm-1
3. The 1KΩ, carbon resistor is represented by
(a) Brown, Black, Red-gold    (b) Red, Black, Orange- Silver
(c) Black, Red, Brown- gold   (d) Orange, Red, Black-Silver
4. The internal resistance of a cell is determined using Volt metre of
 (a) High resistance    (b) Low resistance
 (c)Zero resistance    (d) Infinite resistance
 5.  The ratio between the specific resistances of aluminium wire of length 2m and 4m is
(a) 1:2   (b)  2:1  (c)  1:4  (d) 1:1
6. The emf of a freshly charged lead acid accumulator is
(a) 2V   (b) 1.8 V  (c) 1.5V  (d) 2.2 V
7.  The resistance of 40 W, 220 V electric bulb is
(a)2.12 KΩ  (b) 1.21 KΩ  (c) 3.22 KΩ  (d) 2.32 KΩ

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