+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Sixth Set - Part 2

Questions from 8-14 in set 6 are provided below.    
8. Ceria is used in
(a) Toys              (b) Tracer bullets             (c) Gas lamp materials     (d) None
9. The ligands in [ Cr(H2O)5Cl]Cl2
(a) Aqua             (b) Chloro                    (c) Both                           (d) None
10. Nuclear fusion is the principle is used in
(a) Hydrogen bomb        (b) Atom bomb      (c) Neutron bomb            (d) None
11. Rutile is
(a) TiO2                       (b) Cu2O                 (c) Al2O3                          (d) Ru
12. If the entropy increases, ∆S has -------- sign
(a) Negative                                        (b) Positive           
(c) Neither positive or negative           (d) both positive and negative
13. The absolute entropy of element is always
(a) Negative           (b) Zero                 (c) Positive            (d) Zero at 273 K
14. In an equilibrium catalyst
(a) Increases the rate of forward reaction
(b) Decreases the arte of forward reaction
(c) Increases the rate of reverse reaction
(d) Affects both forward and backward to same extent

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