+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Sixth Set - Part 1

Also covers some questions on CBSE syllabus..Have a good practice.                  

1. The wave nature of electron was proved by
(a) J.J.Thomson    (b) G.P.Thomson    (c) Niels Bohr  (d) Henry becquerel
2. The elements in which electron enter (n-1) d orbital are
(a) s-block             (b) d- block            (c) f-block              (d) p-block
3. The most abundant element among group 15 elements is
(a) N                      (b) As                    (c) Sb                    (d) P
4. Which of the following is not a halogen?
(a) O                     (b) S                      (c) Se                    (d) All of the above
5. Which of the following has largest radius?
(a) Mg2+                  (b) Na+                   (c) O2-          (d) F -
6. Blister copper contains ----------- % copper
(a) 50%                  (b) 75%                  (c) 98%                   (d) 99.9%
7. Philosopher's wool is
(a) ZnCl2                (b) ZnCO3               (c) ZnO                  (d) ZnSO4

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