+2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions - Sixth Set - Part 3

Questions from 15 - 21 of set 6 are provided below.
15. Which of the following is unit of concentration?
(a) g dm-3               (b) mol dm2           (c) kg-3                   (d) mol dm-3
16. The unit of first order rate constant is
(a) Concentration-1          (b) Pressure           (c) Time                (d) Time-1
17. Collodial medicines are more effective because
(a) They are clean                        (b) They are easy to prepare              
(c) They are cheap                       (d) they are easily assimilated and adsorbed
18. The unit of electrochemical equivalent is
(a) volt coloumb    (b) volt/kg    (c) kg volt coloumb        (d) kg coloumb-1
19. In the Bosch's process for the manufacture of hydrogen ---------- is used as a catalyst
(a) Fe2O3                (b) Ni           (c) CuCl2                (d) NO
20. Smoke is a colloidal solution of
(a) Gas in solid      (b) Solid in gas               (c) Liquid in gas     (d) Gas in liquid
21. The common name for 4- hydroxy toluene is
(a) catechol           (b) resorcinol                   (c) p- cresol           (d) acrolein

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