POI XLSX Pivot Table Java Example

A bit excited to note that Apache POI supports Pivot Table from their beta release 3.11. Thought of giving it a go - and here it is. In this post, we will explain how to write a simple Java program that uses Apache POI and creates a Pivot Table inside our XLSX spreadsheet. I have tested this program on the beta release of 3.11 and it works - hopefully this code snippet will be helpful in your project needs. Download a copy of Apache POI 3.11 and get started with the example below. The code is fully commented for you to understand in a simple fashion.

Apache POI - Pivot Table Creation - Example Program

import java.io.FileOutputStream;
import java.io.*;
import org.apache.poi.ss.usermodel.*;
import org.apache.poi.ss.util.*;
import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.*;
import java.util.*;
public class createxlsx {  
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
                /* Apache POI Create Pivot Table Example Program */
                /* Step -1: Create a workbook object to start with */
                XSSFWorkbook new_workbook = new XSSFWorkbook(); //create a blank workbook object
                /* Create a worksheet in the workbook. We will name it "Pivot Table Example" */
                XSSFSheet sheet = new_workbook.createSheet("Pivot Table Example");  //create a worksheet with caption score_details
                /* Add some Rows and Columns to explain Pivot Table  */         
                /* Create the Header Row */
                Row row1 = sheet.createRow(0);                
                Cell cell11 = row1.createCell(0);
                Cell cell12 = row1.createCell(1);
                Cell cell13 = row1.createCell(2);
                /* Row #1 */
                Row row2 = sheet.createRow(1);
                Cell cell21 = row2.createCell(0);
                Cell cell22 = row2.createCell(1);
                Cell cell23 = row2.createCell(2);
                /* Row #2 */
                Row row3 = sheet.createRow(2);
                Cell cell31 = row3.createCell(0);
                Cell cell32 = row3.createCell(1);
                Cell cell33 = row3.createCell(2);
                /* Row #3 */
                Row row4 = sheet.createRow(3);
                Cell cell41 = row4.createCell(0);
                Cell cell42 = row4.createCell(1);
                Cell cell43 = row4.createCell(2);
                /* Row #4 */
                Row row5 = sheet.createRow(4);
                Cell cell51 = row5.createCell(0);
                Cell cell52 = row5.createCell(1);
                Cell cell53 = row5.createCell(2);
                /* Define an Area Reference for the Pivot Table */
                AreaReference a=new AreaReference("A1:C5");
                /* Define the starting Cell Reference for the Pivot Table */
                CellReference b=new CellReference("I5");
                /* Create the Pivot Table */
                XSSFPivotTable pivotTable = sheet.createPivotTable(a,b);
                /* First Create Report Filter - We want to filter Pivot Table by Student Name */
                 /* Second - Row Labels - Once a student is filtered all subjects to be displayed in pivot table */
                /* Define Column Label with Function, Sum of the marks obtained */
                pivotTable.addColumnLabel(DataConsolidateFunction.SUM, 2);                
                /* Write output to file */ 
                FileOutputStream output_file = new FileOutputStream(new File("POI_XLS_Pivot_Example.xlsx")); //create XLSX file
                new_workbook.write(output_file);//write excel document to output stream
                output_file.close(); //close the file

The output of the program showing Pivot Table with different screen dumps is provided below:

Test Data with Pivot Table Output
Test Data with Pivot Table Output

POI - Pivot Table with Filter Information
Pivot Table with Filter Information

Apache POI - Pivot Table With Filter Option
Apache POI - Pivot Table With Filter Option
That completes our quick tutorial on Pivot Tables in Apache POI. Let us discuss some more different types of using Pivot tables in POI in upcoming posts.

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  1. in pivot table i used count and now i want average of that count.. how to do that?