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I saw a cool feature introduced by Blogger today on adding Location / Maps (geotagging) to your blog post. Whenever you post a new blog item, you will be able to add your location (from where you make the post) for the blog entry. I thought of testing this feature out on my test blog and created a new blog post in it, titling "My location post".

I entered the title for my blog and clicked on the tiny new "Add" button with the label location in my blog post editor. Refer below for the screenshot;

New Location Feature in Blogger
New Location Feature for Blogger

When you do this, you will get a pop up window inside your blog post editor that will prompt you to specify a location for this post. This opens up as a Google Map and you can point to a place in the Map.
Specify a Map for Blog Post in Blogger
Specifying a Location for Blog Post
To specify a location for your blog post, you have to click the Add button (shown in red on the screenshot). You can then search for your location using the search button (shown in green). Once you have found the location you want, you can click the Save button to save the location against your blog post. If you do not want to specify a location, you can click the cancel button. (shown in blue)

When you post your blog entry, the location information gets automatically inserted with a link to Google Maps. The post footer is shown below

Blog Post Footer Showing Location Information - Link to Google Map
Blog post footer showing location information

If the location is not showing up, then you have to enable it for your blog post. To do this, click on Design, and click "Edit" against your blog post. You will have to perform it as shown below to activate the location feature; Follow the steps below to include Location in your blog post editor (steps 1 and 2)

Steps to Enable Location Information for your Blogger Blog Post
Steps to Enable Location Information for your Blogger Blog Post

After you click on Edit, you will get a screen as presented below to configure your blog post options;

Enable Location Geotagging for your Blog in Configuration Options
Enable Location Geotagging for your Blog in Configuration Options
Place a tick mark against the "Location" option (highlighted in green) to enable locations and click on "Save" (highlighted in Pink). If you do not want Location feature for your blog post, you can untick the Location option and click on Save. I found this feature to be ticked by default.

And that is what you have to do to play around with the new feature by Blogger and start geotagging your blog posts. A cool and interesting one.!!.


  1. Hi I tried this but it isn't working for me. Any suggestions?

  2. Thank you for the hack but I have question on how adding it automatically when you know exactly where you are so you don't have to add it manually each time you make a post?