Facebook Send Button Gadget Blogger

In our previous post, we discussed how to add Facebook Send Button Gadget to Blogger, as "Add your Own" option in Blogger. Some highlighting features of this Gadget are provided below;

1)  You can customize the title and height of this gadget. 

2)  For developers, who are keen to introduce more configuration options for this Gadget, they can customize the XML code and add their own options like width, and user preferences to capture Facebook insights.

3) You can also host the gadget code on your domain and provide the link to the XML file from your domain if you wish not to use the existing one.

4) Developers can also add a one click install for this Gadget if they wish to by wrapping up the Gadget code inside a FORM. More help on this is available in the Blogger API code from Google.

5) Inside the Gadget code,you can change the font from Verdana to any supported font by Facebook. You can also change the color scheme to light from dark.

And as always, you can keep watching this space for updates to the Gadget. We are planning to introduce more user preferences as we move on which would make this a complete Gadget with more configuration options. Follow us on twitter, and you will never miss a single update on this Gadget.

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