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I have been writing about adding Facebook Send Button to Blogger post for the past few days. We saw multiple approaches to add Facebook Share Button and I would like to present a summary of different approaches for configuring Facebook Social Sharing Plugin to your blog [ with Code ]:

Method 1:

In this method, you edit the Blogger template and add the send button to your blog post. You will be able to position your Send button anywhere inside your blog with this approach. This method is suitable, if you know very well on how to edit your blogger template. In the example we have provided, we have shown how to add the send button below the blogger title of your blog. This will suit to your design and position accurately.

Method 2:

In this method, you can directly add the new send button as a widget / gadget to your blog post. We have developed a Facebook send button widget which you can add to your website and plug it as a gadget to your blog.  This approach can best fit your job if you are not bothered about editing the blogger template and want something as a page element inside your blog. It has got some positioning limitations and may not fit in all the places. To do this, you have to follow the approach 1 explained earlier.

Method 3:

This is same as Approach 2, the difference being in the fact that you can load the widget XML to your own website and load it to your blogger blog. But you may miss any future changes brought into this widget..

Method 4:

This is an easy approach and is recommended for those who are after:

1) Putting both like and send buttons together in your blog
2) Combining both recommend and send button together in your blog

You do a small tweak to your existing like or recommend button code in blogger and add the send button also. You can see a live demonstration of this in this website itself where this setting (send=true) is incorporated. A detailed tutorial on how to do this is available in this blog. If you have enabled Facebook insights for your blog, then you can also get detailed analytics for your send button in Facebook directly. This method is not suitable if you have not implemented Facebook LIKE or RECOMMEND buttons.

After using any of these defined approaches, you have to check if the button is properly installed in your website. You can  do this by checking a preview. Also, the Send button uses some window space to compose a message and make sure that it does not get ugly when you place it in your sidebar. If you get any issues while installing the Send button code in your blogspot site, you can share it with us. We will try to troubleshoot your issue and resolve it.

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