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I just learned an interesting note on the Send Button for Facebook. It is possible to combine both LIKE and SEND button together, by just adding an addition option for the LIKE button, if you already have one in your blog. An example image is provided below;

Facebook - Both Like and Send Buttons
The like button code has got a new attribute called "Send". If you set this attribute to "True", then you will automatically get the Send button next to your like button in your blog. So, how does this impact a standard blogger blog? You have to find where you have placed your "like" button code in your blog.

Once you find the code for your LIKE button in blogger, you have to add the "Send" attribute to it and set it to "true". This will show both LIKE and SEND buttons in your blogger depending on your placements. They will appear adjacent to each other in your blogger blog. 

For example, if you find the existing code like this;

<fb:like action='recommend' font='verdana' send='true' show_faces='false' width='500'/>

You have to modify it to include send button code by changing this section as shown below
<fb:like action='recommend' send='true' font='verdana' send='true' show_faces='false' width='500'/>

I have done this for my blogger post, and I'm getting a neat Send button below the title. This works for "Recommend" button as well..i.e. you can combine "Recommend" button and "Send" button together. If you want to know, how to add the send button below the blog post title, you can refer to the related post section below.

You can start to Like and Send together.Handy!..

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