Common PeopleSoft Integration Broker Issues–Part 4

Subscription Contract stays in WORKING status.

Possible causes: 

1. The Subscription Handler has crashed or has been brought down. Check in Application Messaging Gateway Administrator
2. Also look for any errors in App Serv Log

Subscription Contract in ERROR status. 

Possible causes:
1. Subscription PeopleCode errors
2. Application data errors.

Subscription Contract in TIMEOUT status. 

Possible causes:

1.  Subscription PeopleCode errors
2.  If the message works sometimes, and sometimes does not this may be a problem with the application server configuration.  Tune up your application server min/max values, or reconfigure your domain to a medium or large domain.  Also, changing the recycle count for these services from 0 to 25,000 or 10,000 may eliminate this problem.

Integration Broker:  Unable to ping a node. 

Possible causes:

1. The web server for the Gateway is down.
2. The Gateway is not configured properly.
3. The app server for the node is down.
4. Verify url is correct. Copy url in browser address, should see "PeopleSoft <tools release> Application Messaging gateway".
       (note: be sure that url in the manage lookup contains // before an ip address or machine name)
NOTE: In PeopleBooks it is stated as "//http://HRMS-01/servlet/psft.pt8.gateway.GatewayServlet"
            it should read "http://HRMS-01/servlets/gateway"  notice the "//" are missing from the begining             and is should read "servlets" not "servlet"

Access denied, source node not found

..message even when source node defined on target database.
Possible cause:
1.  Known bug: Message Node caching not working.  If a new node is added, reboot appserver.

Integration Broker:  "Bad Gateway, General Exception error .." message when pinging node.

Possible cause:
1. Check Oprid/ Password of node on Configuration Servlet page. (http:// ?/servlet/gateway.administration)

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