Common PeopleSoft Integration Broker Issues–Part 3

Publication Contract stays in RETRY status

Possible cause:
1. The remote node cannot be "pinged" successfully.  The publication contract will be processed when the remote node comes back up.
2. No publication handler available, either because it's crashed or it has been brought down.

Publication Contract stays in WORKING status

Possible cause:
1. The publication handler processing the contract is on another machine and either the machine or the domain is down. Processing should continue when the pub/sub system on the other machine comes back up.

Subscription Contract not created.

Possible causes:
1. Message Subscription is inactive.
2. Channel routing rules not set up properly.

Subscription contract - Local Node Issue

For a message published by the local node, subscription contract not created for local node even when Message Subscription is active and "Invoke for local publication" is checked.

Possible cause:
1. The local node was not included in the routing rules for the channel.  To subscribe to its own publications, the local node must be included in the channel routing rules.

Subscription Contract stays in NEW status.

Possible causes:
1. The Subscription Dispatcher has crashed or has been brought down.
2. Message Channel Node or System paused.
3. Message Definition not Active.
4. Previous message had a status of RETRY, ERROR, or TIMEOUT.
5. The Subscription contract is not at the top of the queue.  All Subscription Contracts with the same Channel/ Subchannel and subscription owner are in the same queue.

All publication Contracts remain in a NEW status.

Resolution:  The queue was blocked from a Publication Contact that was in a status of ERROR from two weeks prior.  User did not see the error on the message monitor because he was only looking at today.  User entered xx day in and the ERROR publication appeared.  Canceled the error and all subsequent publication contracts processed successfully.   

Subscription Contract stays in STARTED status.

Possible causes:
1. The Subscription Handler has crashed or has been brought down.

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