Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions - Set 12

Questions from 8-14 are provided below. 

               Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions
                             Random collection of one mark questions - Set 12 
8. The coefficient of mutual induction between a pair of coils depends upon
(a) Size of coil                                     (b) Number of turns of coil        
(c) Shape of coil                                   (d) all the above
9. In a three phase AC generator, the three coils are inclined at an angle of
(a) 45°                (b) 90°                        (c)120°                            (d) 180°
10. Which of the following device does not allow d.c to pass through?
(a) Resistor                                               (b) Capacitor                           
(c) Inductor                                               (d) all the above
11. Frequency of AC current supplied for domestic application is
(a) 50 Hz             (b) 100 Hz                 (c) 50 MHz                       (d) 100 MHz
12. Wave length of electro magnetic wave produced in Hertz experiment is
(a) 3×108 m            (b) 6 m                    (c) 60 m                          (d) 5×107 m
13. The refractive index of the medium, for the polarizing angle 60° is
(a) 0.5                (b) 1.414              (c) 1.5                                   (d) 1.732
14. If the wavelength of light is reduced to half, then the amount of scattering is
(a) Decreased by 16 times                             (b) Increased by 16 times           (c) Decreased by 256 times                           (d) Increased by 256 times

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