Tamil Nadu +2 - Important one mark questions - Set 11

Another new set of one mark questions, randomly collected from the prescribed syllabus for Plus 2 physics for the board is provided below. Have a good practice on these questions and do well in your examination. We will present some more questions for a thorough practice in the days to come.

                  Tamil Nadu +2 - Important one mark questions- Random Collection- Set 11
1. The unit of permittivity is
(a) Nc-2m-2           (b) Hm-1                 (c) c2N-1m-2                      (d) Nm2c-2
2. Electric field intensity is 400 Vm-1 at a distance of 2m for a point charge.It will be 100 Vm-1 at a distance
(a) 4 cm               (b) 5 cm                          (c) 1.5 m                         (d) 4 m
3. If the medium between two charges is replaced by air then the force between them
(a) Increases                                        (b) decreases          
(c) becomes zero                                 (d) remains constant
4. Two capacitors in series connected with a battery, every capacitor will have same
(a) Electric potential                               (b) Electric charge          
(c) potential difference                            (d) both (b) and (c)
5. Temperature coefficient of resistance for thermistor is
(a) Zero           (b) Positive                 (c) negative                  (d) Infinity
6. Electrical energy equivalent to one unit is
(a) 3.6 ×105 J          (b) 36×105 J           (c) 3.6×106 J                 (d) 36×106 J
7. In a thermocouple, the temperature of the cold junction is 30°C, the neutral temperature is 310°C. The temperature of inversion is
(a) 340°C          (b) 50°C                   (c)70°C                            (d)590°C

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