March 2008 - Plus 2 Chemistry - One Mark Questions-Part1

The objective type questions that were asked in the chemistry paper for March 2008 are provided below. The answers will be published in the next blog post. Readers are requested to practice these important one mark questions thoroughly which would help them to be well equipped. The question paper can also be downloaded from the official website.

1) A compound that undergoes bromination easily is

a) Benzoic Acid
b) Benzene
c) Phenol
d) Toluene

2) Ether is formed when alkyl halide Is treated with sodium alkoxide. The method is known as

a) Hoffmann's reaction
b) Williamson's synthesis
c) Wurtz reaction
d) Kolbe's reaction

3) When ether is exposed to air for some-time. an explosive substance produced is

a) peroxide
b) TNT
c) Superoxide
d) gun cotton

4) Hydrogenatlon of benzoyl chloride in the presence of Pd and BaSO4 gives

a) Phenol
b) benzoic acid
c) benzyl Alcohol
d) benzaldehyde

5) Concentrated solution of sodium acetate on electrolysis gives

a) ethane
b) propane
c) methane
d) butane

6) An example for metal deficiency defect is

a) NaCl
b) AgCl
c) FeS
d) CsCl

7) If ∆G for a reaction is negative, the charge is

a) spontaneous
b) non-spontaneous
c) reversible
d) equilibrium

Mark your answers. Proceed to Next Page after completing this part.

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