+2 Chemistry - Objective type Questions -Second Set - Part 3

21. Pick out a mixed ether from the following

(a) Ethoxyethane      (b) Methoxymethane     (c) Methoxyethane                   (d) Phenoxybenzene

22. Which one of the following is not an aromatic ether?

(a) Anisole              (b)Phenetole            (c) Diphenyl ether              (d) Diethyl ether

23. Which one of the following will give Cannizaro reaction?

(a) CCl3CHO             (b) (CH2OH)3CCHO              (c) C6H5CHO            (d) all the above

24. The initiation step in the esterification reaction’s is

(a) Protonation of carboxylic acid                      (b) attack by nucleophile

(c) elimination of a proton                               (d) removal of water molecule

25. The compound that is oxidized to benzoic acid by KMnO4 is

(a) aniline               (b)nitrobenzene       (c) benzyl amine                (d) o-toluidine

26. The reaction between primary amine , chloroform and alcoholic KOH is known as

(a) Sandmayer’s reaction                                 (b)Wurtz’s reaction           

(c) Hoffmann’s reaction                                   (d)Carbylamine reaction

27. Which one of the following will react with aniline to give schiff’s base?

(a) Ammonia           (b) Benzaldehyde         (c) Acetaldehyde             (d) Acetyl chloride

28. The carbohydrate that cannot be hydrolysed further is

(a) Raffinose           (b) Sucrose              (c) Starch                         (d)Galactose

29. The amino acid without chiral carbon is

(a) Glysine              (b) alanine              (c) Proline                        (d) Thyrosine

30. Noble gases have--------- electron affinity
(a) High                  (b) Low                  (c) Zero                            (d) very low

Answers to these questions will be provided at a later point in time. If you know the answers to these questions, please do post them in the comments section.

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