+2 Physics - Random One Mark Collection - Set 6

In this collection of Plus 2 physics questions, set 6, questions from 41 to 50 are provided below.

41) The Output voltage of the operational amplifier ( Op-Amp) given below is

a) -1 V
b) +5 V
c) +1 V
d) -5 V

42) Two photons each of energy 2·5 eV are Simultaneously incident on the metal surface. If the work function of the metal is 4·5 eV then from the surface of the metal

a) two electrons will be emitted
b) more than two electrons will be emitted
c) not a single electron will be emitted
d) one electron will be emitted

43) The nuclear force is due to the continuous exchange of particles called

a) mesons
b) leptons
c) hyperons
d) photons

44) Condition for oscillator is

45) The chromium ions doped in the ruby rod

a) absorbs green light
b) absorbs blue light
c) emits green light
d) absorbs red light

46) In hydrogen atom, which of the following transitions produce spectral line of maximum frequency

a) 6->2
b) 2->1
c) 4->3
d) 5->1

47) A galvanometer is converted into a voltmeter by connecting a

a) high resistance in parallel
b) low resistance in series
c) high resistance in series
d) low resistance in parallel

48) The nuclei 13Al27 and 14Si28 are examples of

a) isobars
b) isotones
c) isomers
d) isotopes

49) The Boolean expression bar(AB) can be simplified as

50) The electric field outside the two oppositely charged plane sheets each of charge density \sigma is

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