+2 Physics - Random One Mark Collection - Set 5

In this set of physics questions collection, questions from 31-40 are provided below.

31) In an electromagnetic wave. the phase difference between electric field E and magnetic field B is

a) pi/4
b) pi/2
c) pi
d) zero

32) A logic gate which has an output '1', when the inputs are complement to each other is

a) AND
c) OR
d) NOR

33) An emf of 12 V Is Induced when the current in the coil changes from 2 A to 6 A in 0.5s.The coefficient of self-induction of the coil

a) 1.5 H
b) 6 H
c) 0.3 H
d) 30 H

34) When a material particle or rest mass 'mo' attains the velocity of light, its mass becomes

a) 2mo
b) 4mo
c) infinite
d) 0

35) Based on quark model a neutron is represented as

a) uud
b) udd
c) udd'
d) u'du

36) The potential barrier of silicon PN Junction diode is approximately

a) 0.3 V
b) 1.1 V
c) 10 V
d) 0.7 V

37) Velocity of the electromagnetic waves through vacuum is

38) According to Bohr's postulates. which of the following quantities takes discrete values

a) Potential energy
b) Angular momentum
c) Momentum
d) Kinetic energy

39) According to the theory of relativity the length of a rod in motion is less than its rest length

a) is more than its rest length
b) is less than its rest length
c) is same as its rest length
d) may be more or less than or equal to rest length depending upon the speed of the rod

40) The existence of electromagnetic waves was confirmed experimentally by

a) Maxwell
b) Hertz
c) Huygens
d) Planck

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