Tamil Nadu +2 Physics- Important One Mark Questions

    Electrostatics- Set 3

15. The dielectric kept in between the two plates of a capacitor, its capacitance
(a) Decreases                                            (b)increases   
(c) first increases and then decreases       (d) remains constant
16. The priciple made use of in lightning arrestor is
(a) Action of points                                  (b) Electrostatic induction
(c) Both A and B                                       (d) Neither (a) nor (b)

17. The relative permittivity of dielectric is
(a)  Equal to 1          (b) >1   (c) <1    (d) zero
18.  The Van de Graff generator can produce a voltage of
 (a)        104V      (b)        103V                  (c) 107V            (d)         zero     
19. Van de Graff generator is used to produce
 (a)        AC potential                               (b)        AC current                    
(c)        AC power                                  (d)        DC potential
 20.  Van de Graff generator is used to accelerate
(a) Neutrons      (b) Protons        (c) Deuterons     (d) both B and  C
21.  Which of the following are polar molecules ?
(a) N2    (b)O2     (c) H2    (d) NH3

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