Tamil Nadu +2 Physics- Important One Mark Questions

 Electrostatics - Set2
8. Which is scalar?
          (a) Electric field                   (b)    dipole moment      
          (c) Torque                          (d)    electric potential
  9. The unit of electric dipole moment is
          (a)volt/metre (V/m)                     (b)coloumb/metre (C/m)
          (c)volt.metre (Vm)                        (d)coloumb.metre (Cm)
  10.    The unit of electric field intensity is
     (a) Vm-1            (b) CN-1             (c) VC-1            (d) NC-1 
11. The non polar  molecules
    (a)          Do not have permanent dipole moment
    (b)          Have permanent dipole moment
     (c)         Do not have induced  dipole moment  
     (d)         Have finite dipole moment
      12.Quantization of electric charge is given by
(A)   q=ne      (b) q=cv          (c) q=e/n          (d) q=c/v
   13. The practical unit of capacitance is
          (a) Coloumb     (b) farad  (c) micro farad          (d) both b&c
    14.  The energy stored in a capacitor is
     (a) CV2/2            (b) C2V/2           (c) C/2q2            (d) q/2C2

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