Tamil nadu +2 chemistry – important one mark question

                                                                        Atomic structure
             1.    En=-313.6/n2 if the value of Ei=-34.84 to which value ‘n’ corresponds 

(a)           4          (b)   3        (c)   2   (d)   1

2. If the energy of an electron in the second Bohr orbit of H- atom is –E, what is the energy of the electron in the Bohr’s first orbit?
(a)           2E         (b)        -4E       (c)        -2E       (d)       

 3. The bond order of oxygen molecule is
(a)           2.5       (b)        1          (c)        3          (d)        2

4.    The intramolecular  hydrogen bonding is present in
(a)            O-nitrophenol              (b)        m-nitrophenol               
(c)        p-nitrophenol                 (d)        none

5.         de-Broglie wavelength   λ=
(a)        h/p                   (b)        p/h                   (c)        hmv      (d)        m/h

6.         Dual character of an electron was explained by 
(a)        Bohr                  (b)        Heisenberg        (c)        Broglie  (d)        Pauli

7.         Which of the following particles having same kinetic energy would have the maximum de-Broglie wavelength?
(a)        Proton   (b)        Neutron (c)        α-particle             (d)     β-particle

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