Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions- Set 13

Tamil Nadu +2 physics - Important one mark questions-Set 13 - Questions 15-21
15. In Newton rings experiment, the ratio between radii of 4th and 9th dark ring is
(a) 4:9                 (b) 9:4                       (c)  2:3                            (d) 3:2
16. According to Rutherford atom model, the spectral line emitted by an atom is
(a) Line spectrum                                           (b) Continuous spectrum           
 (c) Continuous absorption spectrum                 (d) Band spectrum
17. Moseley's law that led to the discovery of elements is/are
(a) Rhenium    (b) Technetium        (c) Hafnium             (d) all the above        
18. A Coolidge tube operates 12400 V. The maximum frequency of X- radiation emitted from Coolidge tube is
(a) 6×1018 Hz          (b) 3×1018 Hz         (c) 6×108 Hz               (d) 3×108 Hz
19. The chromium ions doped in the ruby rod absorbs
(a) Red light       (b) yellow light             (c) green light             (d) blue light
20. Stopping potential is independent of --------------- incident light
(a) Amplitude      (b) intensity             (c) frequency              (d) all the above
21. If 1 g of a substance is fully converted into energy, then the energy produced is
(a) 9×1016 J           (b) 9×1013 J             (c) 9×1010 J                      (d) 9×1019 J

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