+2 chemistry - Important one mark questions - Fifth Set - Part 2

Part two one mark questions, continued from the previous set. Questions from  8-14 covering the entire chemistry syllabus is provided below.

8. ------------- forms oxocations
(a) Lanthanides      (b) Actinides          (c) Noble gases      (d) Alkali metals
9. A metal ion in its complex salt has the spin magnetic moment 3.87 BM. The number of unpaired electrons in it is
(a) 1                      (b) 2                      (c) 3                      (d) 4
10. A radioactive element 84A218 finally becomes 82B206. The number of α and
β particles emitted by it are respectively
(a) 8;6                         (b) 4;3                   (c) 3;4                             (d) 3;6
11. In a simple cubic unit cell, a corner atom is shared by ---------- unit cells
(a) 1                      (b) 2                      (c) 4                      (d) 8
12. Ethylene diamine gives ethylene glycol on reaction with
(a) Sodium carbonate                                    (b) Nitrous acid 
(c) Sodium bicarbonate                                  (d) Bayer's reagent
13. C2H5 O C2H5 and CH3OCH(CH3)2 are
(a) Positional isomers                                      (b) Functional isomers              
(c) Chain isomers                                            (d) Metamers        
14. Diethyl ether can be decomposed by using
(a) HI                     (b) Na                    (c) KOH                  (d) BF3

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