+2 chemistry - Important one mark questions - Fifth Set - Part 3

                   +2 Chemistry - Important one mark questions
                                                      Set -3
15. ------------ on oxidation gives ethyl methyl ketone
(a) 2- Propanol       (b) 2- Pentanol             (c) 2- Butanol        (d) 2- Pentanone
16. The carboxylic acid that cannot be prepared by using Grignard reagent is
(a) Acetic acid       (b) Benzoic acid           (c) Butyric acid      (d) Formic acid
17. RNO2 is converted to RNH2 by using
(a) Sn+HCl              (b) Zn dust                      (c) Zn+NH4Cl           (d) Zn+NaOH
18. Which of the following undergoes Carbylamine reaction?
(a) (C2H5)2NH          (b) C2H5NH2               (c) (C2H5)3N            (d) (C2H5)4NI
19. Conversion of aniline to C6H5N2Cl is called
(a) Hoffmann reaction                                            (b) Coupling reaction
(c) Diazotization                                                    (d) Gomberg reaction
20. With acetic anhydride, glucose forms
(a) Diacetate    (b) Tetra acetate    (c) Penta acetate        (d) Hexa acetate
21. Which of the following cannot oxidize glucose to gluconic acid?
(a) Br2/H2O   (b) Tollen's reagent        (c) Fehling's reagent        (d) Conc.HNO3

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