+2 chemistry - Important one mark questions - Fifth Set - Part 1

Fifth set of one mark questions focusing chemistry is provided here. These questions are very important from an examination perspective and candidates are requested to practice them thoroughly. We will also present some more questions covering the chemistry syllabus in the days to come. Equal weightage will be given to objective type questions in maths and physics as well.


1. Intramolecular hydrogen bonding is present in
(a) O- Nitrophenol     (b) m- Nitrophenol        (c) p-Nitrophenol   (d) Phenol  
2. Which of the following has  SP2 hybrididsation
(a) BF3                   (b) NH3                  (c) BeCl2                (d) XeF4
3. Across a period, electron affinity of elements
(a) Decreases                                                         (b) Increases         
(c) Decreases and then increases                              (d) Remains the same
4. Among the halogen acids, the weakest is
(a) HF                    (b) HCl                            (c) HBr                   (d) HI
5. Which of the following is used in photography?
(a) KBr                   (b) AgBr                           (c) AgF                   (d) AgCl
6. The highest oxidation state is shown by
(a) Sc                    (b) Ti                              (c) Os                    (d) Zn
7. Alloys of Lanthanides are called
(a) Mish metals      (b) Actinides          (c) Plate metals      (d) Metalloids

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