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JUnit Parameterized Test Example Tutorial

In this blog post, we will provide a simple example that will explain how to create a Parameterized test in JUnit with code examples. We will take an example of a addition, where a method adds two integers and returns an integer as an output. We will also discuss how to write test cases automatically for this method in JUnit by using the Parameterized.class. For those who are new to ....

NetBeans Create JUnit Test Suite Example Guide

You may be here because you are new to Netbeans and would like to know how to run Junit test cases in Netbeans as a test Suite. Often, it would be nice to group your JUnit test cases into a test Suite so that they can all be executed in one go, instead of triggering them one after another. To do this, you will have to create a Suite that points to the test cases (class files) that needs to be ....

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