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In the previous blog post, we discussed how to add a basic +1 sharing button to your blogger blog post using Javascript.In this post, we will extend the example provided earlier and see what customization options are avaialble to us, if you want to play around with the size of the +1 button. You will find that it is very easy to customize this new sharing feature to suit to your needs. I will walkthrough some interesting sharing options for the +1 button now.

1) If you want a add a small +1 button (15 px) you just have to add one attribute size="small" to your code to make the button smaller. As an example;
<g:plusone size="small"></g:plusone>

2)If you want to add a medium sized sharing button (20 px), change the small in the code above to "medium". If you are after a tall sharing buttom (60 px), change the value of the size attribute to "tall".

3)If you do not want the count of number of shares on your +1 button , and need only the button, then you can use the attribute count="false" to disable the count. Find an example below that explains how to disable the count on the +1 button.
<g:plusone count="false"></g:plusone>

The screenshot below explains the possible sizes with / without count attributes. Actual link is here.
Variations of Google +1 Button

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