HSC +2 Chemistry p Block elements - CC1- Chapter Wise Questions

Chapter wise questions on p-Block Elements chapter is provided below. Questions from 26-40 are from this chapter. You can refer to the related post section below for questions from all other chapters for +2 Chemistry.

26) Which of the following does not belong to group 13?

a) B             b) Al             c) Ge             d) In

27) Which of the following is most abundant in earth’s crust?

a) C             b) Si             c) Ge             d) Sn

28) An element which was burnt in limited supply of air to give oxide A which on treatment with water gives an acid B. Acid B on heating gives acid C, which gives yellow precipitate with $ AgNO_{3} $ solution A is:

a) $ SO_{2} $

b) $ NO_{2} $

c) $ P_{2}O_{3} $

d) $ SO_{3} $

29) The compound with garlic odour is:

a) $ P_{2}O_{3} $

b) $ P_{2}O_{5} $

c) $ H_{3}PO_{3} $

d) $ H_{3}PO_{4} $

30) The shape of $ PCI_{5} $ is:

a) pyramidal              b) trigonal bipyramidal              c) linear              d) tetrahedral

31) The compound used as smoke screen:

a) $ PCI_{3} $

b) $ PCI_{5} $

c) $ PH_{3} $

d) $ H_{3}PO_{3} $

32) Which shows only –1 oxidation state?

a) fluorine            b) bromine            c) chlorine            d) iodine

33) One can draw the map of building on a glass plate by:

a) HI              b) HF              c) HBr              d) HCI

34) Among the halogen acid, the weakest acid is:

a) HF              b) HCI              c) HBr              d) HI

35) Halogens belong to the group number:

a) 14              b) 15              c) 17              d) 18

36) The noble gases are un-reactive because they:

a) have same number of electrons

b) have an atomicity of one

c) are gases with low densities

d) have stable electronic configuration

37) The shape of $ XeF_{4} $ is:

a) tetrahedral             b) octrahedral             c) square planar             d) pyramidal

38) Which is not unknown?

a) $ XeF_{6} $

b) $ XeF_{4} $

c) $ XeO_{3} $

d) $ ArF_{6} $

39) The lightest gas which is non-inflammable is:

a) $ He $

b) $ H_{2} $

c) $ N_{2} $

d) $ Ar $

40) Which of the following has highest first ionization energy?

a) He                      b) Ne                      c) Ar                      d) Kr

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