Blogger Add Facebook Send Button

In this blog post, we will explain how to add the Facebook Send Button to your blog post hosted on blogger / blogspot. "Send" button is a recent addition by Facebook, introduced quite recently. To add the Send Button on your blogger blog post, navigate to the following link and select your options. The options you have pick are

1) URL to Send -> You can leave this blank
2) Font -> The font for the Send Button
3) Color Scheme -> You can choose between light and dark

A sample screen to configure these options is provided below
Facebook Send Button Configuration
Adding a Facebook Send Button for Blogger
Now, you can click on Get Code and this will give you a nice looking code, which you can integrate into your blogger template. The good news is that the Facebook Send button is integrated to the Facebook insights, which gives you accurate statistics on what happened with your Send button after placement. You can add a custom HTML page element and put the Facebook code in that, or you can also integrate it inside your blogger template (if you are an advanced blogger user). Recommend, like and Send this to your network!.

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